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       Kaiping City, Town Jin Fulong month drying plant located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen City, Guangdong provincial jurisdiction, located in the middle of Wuyi, 18 kilometers away from downtown Kaiping, the factory is an advanced equipment and technology rich, professional customers design , build a variety of roast pig oven, electric oven roasted pig, pig roast gas stove, electric ovens, electric ovens, tunnel furnace transportation, packaging lines, production lines, paint cabinets, curtain cabinet products Three Guarantees (package delivery shipment, installation, warranty for one year). and long-term follow-up service of the product.

      Our mutual good faith to serve the purpose, to quality-oriented, high efficiency will, I sincerely hope that all businessmen choose plant as a partner, to meet user demands for products and services is our eternal pursuit of "Jin Fulong" willing to work with you work together toward a brilliant tomorrow.
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