Sawdust dryer precipitator cleaning approach

2019-11-27 16:22:44
Sawdust dryer precipitator cleaning approach
First: This cleaning method of cleaning sawdust dryer approach is a stronger pulse cleaning cleaning methods, since the effect is strong contrast, but this can happen ripple effect demand design techniques.
Second: gas ring cleaning dust cleaning method This approach is a way of cleaning sawdust dryer before use, its operation principle is adjacent to a group of several gas ring mounted on a frame consisting of As a chain transmission medium, making it move up and down along the rail, but the structure of comparative complex and prone to damage the appearance of the bag, so this approach is now rarely used now.
Third: cleaning air box pulse cleaning method approach this sawdust dryer is also called force pulse cleaning method, which is characterized by the sawdust dryer dust collector bag is divided into several sections, the top of the bag net gas chamber to form a compartment separator cut up, the upper end of the filter bag does not venturi.
Fourth: fixed pulse cleaning method using a porous bag flower plate located in the upper part of sawdust dryer dust collector box, at the top of each row has a injection pipe bag, facing each filter bag Center to open a compressed air injection holes, time perhaps resistance value under the provisions, according to the active control program pulse cleaning.
Fifth: CLEANING law sawdust dryer This cleaning method is also called hair blowing airflow or adverse pressure cleaning method. Same compartment job selection system, using sawdust dryer dust collector valves automatically adjust, the occurrence and effects by filtering the air flow direction of gas flow to the chamber.

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