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Boiler ESP anti-condensation bag filter reform pace

Boiler bag filter in the utilization of flue gas in the bag interior to guard against is cooled to below the dew point, particularly in the case of using vacuum baghouse should carefully. Because of its shell will often leak into the atmosphere, so that the bag interior flue gas temperature below the dew point, the bag will be damp, resulting dust is not loosely, but slimy attached to the bag, the fabric perforations block died, cause cleaning failure, so filter pressure drop is too large, you can not inherit run, and some can not produce dust paste bag.
    To guard against condensation, must link the gas system in the dust everywhere and temperatures were higher than its dew point 20 ℃, I accept the following five anti-condensation at the pace of a bag filter plant ESP reform
1, out of air leakage.
We will baghouse body leakage control in 1.5%. Maintenance history should focus on examination at a closed precipitator ash bucket dumping of ash valve, flue damper flange adjacent office, adjacent to the flue at the expansion joints, etc., which are often overlooked by the maintenance staff to handle, and therefore, do not need an increase The amount of air leakage, the deterioration of the operating conditions of the baghouse.
2, dusty gas in the dust evenly distributed, preparedness vortex appears in the corner so that the amount of gas here through the elimination of the formation of local temperature and produce condensation problems.
3, good dust, insulation and rain pipes and other relevant everywhere. Practice course proved excellent insulation pace, can bag filter inlet and outlet temperature difference is small, this is a useful step to prepare for condensation.
4, admission properly warmed pace. As baghouse hopper wall heater set, progress ash activity.
5, to enhance and baghouse dust temperature monitoring system in order to master the use of bag filter conditions, preparedness produce condensation.
  :2015-08-21 15:12:32
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