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Differences use solid, liquid, liquefied fuel oven

Differences use solid, liquid, liquefied fuel oven
   First, the use of solid fuel oven: if the choice of coal and other solid fuels in the oven work, even though its cost of fuel is relatively low contrast, the fuel is also more simple procurement, transportation and storage, but only if it is a single solid fuel oven is not able to complete all the work, which is also in the late oven will by virtue of the gaseous fuel, and in the use of solid fuel oven division, handling of solid fuels and slag workload after use is also very huge demand higher pay for labor costs, hours of operation also in contrast to trouble and bad useful for temperature control, security is also poor contrast, compared to the simple affect the service life of the furnace, so bake in the use of solid fuels furnace division, summed up the cost of high contrast.
Second, the use of liquid fuel Ovens: Today, there are in heavy use some oven or oven diesel and other liquid materials were working hard to control the pre-oil contrast, post-nozzle oven coke is also very simple phenomenon occurred, and demand equipped with a dedicated air compressor equipment, maintenance workload is very large, the most important is the cost of the oven is very high, but the role of the oven, but contrast is poor. Therefore, unless special conditions for forming a restriction Ovens material, the liquid fuel is not a very ambitious oven fuel.
Third, the use of liquefied petroleum gas ovens: Ovens LPG safety between work among the poor. And with the constant throughout the use of natural gas, especially liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas implementation, gas is now becoming the preferred fuel for the successful construction of various new coking ovens work, use gas ovens Ovens role not only good, security High, for convenience, and cost is appropriate. Therefore, the use of liquefied natural gas oven is a good oven material.
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